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Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Honey and Me

This is a new endeavor for me. So please be patient. I do prefer Arial over all other fonts that I have found. Bold is nice. But not always. Sometimes we can use italics for emphasis.

This photo is one of my favorites of my honey and me. We kindof fell into like several years ago in the spring of 1981 after meeting at a dance. That was one of the best and one of the hardest summers of my entire life. It was just really comfortable doing things together from the very start . . . and we did a lot of fun things together from the very start. Not only that, but I thought that he was exceptionally cute and good looking, and his touch made me all tingly. However, I had been making some important decisions right about this time, and one of them was that I should try my hand at being a missionary. So, stubborn ole me went ahead with the plan, and on my 21st birthday, after a summer of fun and heartache, I began my church mission to Colombia, South America and left him behind for a year and a half. But I did come back, and he did wait, and now we're together forever!

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  1. Hey Marcy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your post is cute...I too left my honey for a year to live in Taiwan. Now we are married and living happily ever after.