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Friday, August 26, 2011


I’m trying to be more creative and more compassionate. 

When I was in Jr High and High School I actually did sew a lot of my own clothes.  Not nearly as many as my mother and older sisters did, but I sewed a lot more than I do now.  It was a good way to make productive use of my time, I suppose.  And I did get clothes out of it!  What more could a teenage girl who didn’t have close neighbors want?  Anyway, I can’t remember exactly the timing, but eventually I decided to make myself a patchwork quilt from scraps from my many sewing projects.  This is something my Mother and Grandmother had done before me.  However I didn’t want just squares,  so came up with my own design or pattern.  This is the quilt.  One of my daughters currently uses it on her bed:

This is my first quilt, and so far my only patchwork quilt.  My mother and sisters and aunts helped me to hand quilt it.  Since then I have bought and read many books, articles, and blogs about quilting.  I have admired many beautiful  quilts created by various friends and family members.   I have helped with many tied quilts for family members and Humanitarian projects with the Relief Society, my church’s women’s organization.   I have thought about starting another pieced quilt, but knowing my past history with finishing projects, have not gotten past the stages of  buying a few pieces of fabric that caught my eye and admiring many beautiful quilt patterns.   
This past winter I had the unprecedented chance to take a wonderful quilting class taught by a master quilter for FREE!!  I loved it, and was able to make several  quilt blocks.  I took lots of notes, which I still need to review and transcribe for myself.  I did make a few sample blocks to try out techniques etc that were being taught, with the intent to use them for a sampler lap quilt. 

Here is what I have.  As you can see, I have not done any sewing since the class ended.  My first quilting creative goal is to finish this little quilt!

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