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Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review: “Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions” by John Hauserman, CFP

Make better decisions . . .
• Get the unbiased advice you need
• Avoid costly mistakes
     Where are you getting your financial advice? How do you know your interests are being safeguarded? How do you know that your advisors are competent? How can you know they’re putting your interests first?
     John Hauserman has spent years building a better way for you to pursue your investment goals.
Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions shows you how to get unbiased advice and avoid costly financial mistakes.
     If you want to build a secure financial future, this is the book that will help show you how.

I have just finished reading “Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions” by John Hauserman, CFP. I was more than interested when asked to review this book and looked forward to reading it since I feel that my DH and I could be doing a better job of preparing financially for our retirement years.  I have a very basic understanding of financial planning and investments, but I am far from being an expert, and this book is a valuable addition to our bookshelves.  I found the book easy to read and understand, and it covered a wide variety of topics such as goal setting, determining the amount of capital necessary to support these goals, balancing your portfolio, understanding and accepting the risks involved with different types of investments, differentiating between different types of life insurance and other investments, understanding the motivations behind different types of financial advisors, deciding who to trust for sound financial advice, and much more.

It was especially interesting to read John Hauserman’s thoughts on the personal responsibility of members of the middle class, such as myself, to save and invest on our own to prepare for retirement.  Most of us are very much aware that relying on the traditional company pensions and social security benefits will not be sufficient to get us comfortably through retirement. The author points out that the cloud of our inability to rely on pensions and social security may actually have a silver lining.  The increasing widespread use of 401k accounts and IRA plans  is disciplining us to save and invest, not only increasing our own future financial security, but also providing the investment capital necessary to boost the U.S. economy and possibly enable our country to regain its former position as the dominant manufacturer of world goods.

Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions” will not provide you with any secret or magical knowledge guaranteed to make you wealthy, but it will help prepare you to make wise plans and/or changes to your current financial plans. The book also provides many links to other resources to help with your financial planning needs, including the author’s own website, www.RetirementQuest.com

I received a free copy of “Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions” from the author, but have received no other compensation for this review. The book is available for purchase at Amazon.com

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