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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#Writemotivation – Monday Goal Check--a day or two late

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photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed
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My Goal for May 2012:

Write at least 1 hour daily Monday thru Saturday. (This means working on my WIP)

So, we've been having some internet issues this week, and some time managment issues too.  It's bedtime, but the internet is now up, so here's my Monday Goal Check for the past week, just a day or two late:

Last week I was actually able to spend some writing time on my WIP on five out of six days!  Friday morning my writing time was spent editing our extended family newsletter so I could get it copied and deliver my parents' copy personally on Saturday, but I did make up for it by spending several hours writing early Saturday morning.  Total words for the week:  4,527.  Much better than the 1,418  words from the week before!

Bedtime, so I can get up and write some more tomorrow . . .


  1. that is quite an increase in word count. congratulations! keep up the good work.

  2. Hurrah, what an increase in words! Congrats :)