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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Log Cabin

The  Log Cabin quilt block is another traditional American  quilt pattern.  This block is simple to piece and is ideal for beginning quilters.  This popular block is  made from contrasting strips of fabric arranged around a center square. The contrast can be either contrasting colors or lights vs. darks.  The center piece of fabric is traditionally red, and represents the fire or the hearth, the central place in the home of the early settlers of our country.    There are two different ways to lay out the contrasting fabrics:

The Traditional Log Cabin layout has the contrasting fabrics arranged diagonally across from each other.  In this block the contrast is blue vs. yellow.  Notice the red center hearth square.

The Courthouse Steps layout arranges the conrasting colors directly opposite from each other.  This example shows contrast between blue and orange with a yellow center hearth square.

I found instructions for sewing a 10 inch traditional Log Cabin block here. Another good set of basic instructions for cutting and sewing a 12 inch block of either type Log Cabin quilt can be found here.  This is also where I found the above photos.

Once a quilt full of blocks have been sewn, the contrasts of the blocks allow them to be arranged in many different attractive patterns into the finished quilt.   Qlick here to see sample layouts for the traditional Log Cabin blocks, and qlick here to see sample layouts for the Courthouse Steps blocks.  There are just so many different combinations of color and fabric and layout!  Start looking here to see just a few of the endless variety of Log Cabin Quilt possibilities.  It's mindblowing to think of them all.

 I have really been wanting to try this block for a long time, and was planning to sew one up this week to feature in this blog post. Unfortunately I have spent too much time this week sewing my Jacobs Ladder Quit Block, cruzing the internet reading blog posts, and mowing the Lawn for the second time this spring.  (Sorry to rub it in to all of you who have still  been getting snow this week.  We have had some snow this month, but mostly a lot of rain, which means that the lawn must be mowed before the grass reaches our knees).  But then maybe I have just been a bit Lazy and haven't pushed myself hard enough to get it done yet.  I still want to do it, so you still may see my Log Cabin quilt block before the month is over.

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