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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Piano Guys (Thankful Thursday)

Me and My Cello - Happy Together (Turtles) Cello Cover - ThePianoGuys

I'm not one to listen to music all of the time, and I'm not on You Tube very often, but this video by ThePianoGuys is one of my very favorite ever!  I have it on my kindle, and my family can attest to the fact that I listen to it almost every single day.  You say that you've never heard of ThePianoGuys?  If you haven't then you aren't the only one, but you've just got to check them out!    I personally love both piano and strings, and the combinations that these guys come up with are simply amazingly awesome!  I'm very thankful that the Piano Guys are so talented and so willing to share their music with the world!

More about ThePianoGuys From their Official You Tube Channel :  (Go ahead and click on the link . . they have tons more wonderful music!)

Five guys from different walks of life with different skill sets, from different places -- each had built their own careers: a piano store owner/videographer (Paul Anderson), a music producer (Al van der Beek), a videographer/editor (Tel Stewart), a pianist (Jon Schmidt), and a cellist (Steven Sharp Nelson). But all with the same ambition: to inspire the world with the talents given them. Each met through seemingly-happenstance, but divinely-influenced circumstances. Combined, they had the tools, the passion, and the drive necessary to independently build one of the most successful music video production companies in the world. They are famous for taking their instruments (especially grand pianos) and video equipment to unbelievable places. But above all, ThePianoGuys love what they do -- and it shows. At the end of the day, they are ordinary guys that love their families and that thank God for the opportunity they have to do what they love.

You can get ThePianoGuys newest album at Amazon.  And here are a couple more videos for the road:

Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts (Piano/Cello Cover) - ThePianoGuys

Charlie Brown Medley - ThePianoGuys


  1. Loved the videos. Especially enjoyed the older people dancing and enjoying the music.And I love his take on the Jack Johnson song...Over The Rainbow..love Jack.

  2. Wow, made my day. Delightful. Thanks!