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Friday, April 26, 2013

Windows Needing Washing

Windmill Quilt Block
Windows Needing Washing

 I had wanted to sew a Windmill Quilt Block for my W Post, but it never got done.  I could just talk about the block, but it's really quite a simple block, and I don't have much to say about it other than it will have to be sewn another time. 

So I'll just comment that my Windows need washing.  Desperately.  Every morning I look out the dirty, water marked kitchen window and tell myself that I need to get out the ladder and wash the windows.  I've been procrastinating because the weather as been so cold and rainy/snowy, but now things are warming up and I no longer have the weather as an excuse.  Just busy days filled with Bridal showers, mowing lawns, shopping trips and over-due books that needed to be read.  So, maybe next week the windows will get washed. 


  1. I think "Windows Need Washing" is a good re-name for this particular quilt block -- it gives one the impression (or vision) of a hand going round and round (like a windmill), washing the windows!
    BTW, Bob was telling me about one of your blog posts today, which is how I found your blog (didn't even know you had this one, lol!) I've been telling myself I need to start a blog for some time now, perhaps I'll finally get inspired by reading yours. The main reason I want to start one though, is to post pics to share...so I guess I'd better get started, huh! But I have to agree with a comment of yours I read in another post...maybe on another blog...as with you, I find it easier to write about stuff than speak about it. So who knows what will happen in the future...Watch and see!

    1. You really should start a blog. I for one would love to read it. I don't take too many photos and usually have to use my phone to take pictures, or beg, borrow or steal them from my kids or other family members. But I have found it easier to blog than to keep a journal on a consistent basis, so that has been my real motivation lately. And then I keep finding blogging challenges and new blogger friends, so that has made the whole blogging thing pretty addicting.