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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Longboarding for Charity

Occassionally I like to point out here on this blog various people and organizations who show love and compassion to others.  I just read an article about two young men who planned a 650 mile longboarding trip down the coast of California in order to raise money for Romanian Orphans.  The goal was to raise $6,000, which isenough money to hire a Tutor for one year that is able to teach up to 50 Romanian Children.  Mason Bennett had spent time in Romania as a missionary, and wanted to give something back to the country and people he had lived among and learned to love.  He invited his cousin, Kenton Durfee to join him on the endeavor.  Did these young men meet their goal?  Yes they did, and now they are trying to raise another $6,000.  You can read more about their purpose and experiences on their month long longboarding trip here at their blog and more about the wonderful Romanian charity they were raising money for at Bridge of Love.

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