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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Cashews and Macademias

A week or so ago when DH and I were doing some grocery shopping at good ole Costco, we happened to pick up a couple of big containers of mixed nuts. We both love nuts, and we may be a little nuts, and they even have the unsalted variety, which is good since we're trying to cut way back on the sodium. It's been nice to mix up a ziplock bag of my own trail mix (just added some craisins, m&m's and reeces pieces) to take to work.

Tonight I decided to used up some leftover chicken and pork chops and make up a batch of fried rice (using lower sodium soy sauce of course). I don't make fried rice very often, but we like it on occasion for a change of pace. The nice thing tonight was that my recipe calls for cashews, and I usually don't have them on hand. Since we like our nuts so much, especially the decadent cashews, they're usually gone soon after they enter the house. But, we still had mixed nuts, so I picked out a handful of the cashews and added them to the fried rice! Yea for cashews! I promise that I didn't use them all, cause cashews are so awesome all by themself, that it would be almost sinful to not leave any for snacking.

What're your favorite kind of nuts?
PS, we love macademias probably even more!)

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