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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Facebook Fave's

Excellent advice from Dr. Seuss, as found on Facebook.

 One of my dear daughters recently lamented that the facebook posts of many of my generation are beginning to look more like Pinterest than facebook.  She's right, you know.  But we love sharing recipes and crafty ideas and thoughts etc.  Just like we love Pinterest.  But the bad thing about Pinterest is that I can lose track of time way worse than I can when I am on facebook.  And on facebook I'm connecting at least a little bit with friends and family that I don't see in person very often.  So, facebook can meet both of these needs at the same time, hopefully with less wasted time.  That's my explanation at least. 

Anyway, DD's suggestion was that I save more of my favorite facebook finds here on my blog rather than sharing them on facebook and cluttering up my facebook page with impersonal shares that may or may not interest many of my family and friends.  So, I am trying to be a bit more discriminating with my facebook shares, and have tried to save some of the more creative things I find on facebook here on Creation and Compassion.  I'm not sure how well it will work as it takes 10 times longer to save things here than it does to share them on facebook.  Just one little click . . .

But anyway, here are some of my favorites from the past week or so on facebook: 

Southern Chocolate Cake is probably the only one of these that I have actually tried out already.  It turned out pretty good, but I think I skimped a bit on the cocoa.  My cake didn't look nearly as dark.  Oh, and I ran out of brown sugar so had to substitute some white for part of the brown.  And, I just didn't have any cream or chocolate to make the frosting as written, so I substituted my favorite Hershey's Cocoa Buttercream frosting for the one in this recipe.  So, yeah, my cake did turn out different.  But it was still good enough for the ward party.  Maybe someday I'll do Southern Chocolate Cake the justice of following the reciep exactly as written.

And I have done some praying this week.  Some hard praying in fact!

I haven't tried this one, but it really looks good to me.  Sometime soon, I hope.

And this one really speaks to me.  Probably because all of my babies are now all grown up and I could never do this now.

And you know I think that I did actually share all of these on facebook already . . . I just couldn't help myself!  They're all some of my faves!  So how have you been creative this week?

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