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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Quilt!

Another very low quality photo of an excellent quality first ever quilt made by DD4

I haven't been very creative this past summer.  Life has a way of keeping a person busy with work and family and other obligations.  However, DD4 did just finish making a quilt to take to school with her . . . and I helped!  We actually began the project a summer or two ago in an attempt to find a way to ward off the summer boredom.  We began purchasing fabrics a yard or so at a time using sales and coupons, and DD4 began designing an elaborate patchwork arrangement of different sizes of squares and rectangles.  Unfortunately the project lost momentum, and the patchwork design was also lost.  This summer we returned to the project with enthusiasm, and DD4 picked out several different gorgeous batik's in lovely blues, greens, browns and grays to add to the previously purchased fabrics.  In the interest of time, a design of varied widths of stripes was the final decision, and DD4 got right to work.   I helped with the fabric cutting, but she did all of the sewing and the quilting on the machine by herself, and I took care of the binding.

When it came time to choose the backing fabric, the budget was running low, so we decided to use the green and blue plaid fabric that had been purchased a year or so ago with the intent of making a dress for a pioneer trek trip.  DD4 ended up not making the trek or the dress, and since there was plenty of fabric, we finally decided that the plaid made a very interesting contrast to the batik stripes.   I think that the quilt turned out very nice.  I like it.  And now that DD4 has vacated the sewing machine, perhaps it's time for me to get back to sewing and put together another block or two . . .    

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