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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Couple of Good Causes

For all of you kind-hearted philanthropists out there, I've run across a couple of good causes this past week:

The Smile Blankets Project goal is to raise the money needed to begin a philanthropic business.  SMILE is an acronym for Small Miracles in Life Everyday.  When you buy a handmade sherpa fleece SMILE blanket, a SMILE blanket will also be donated to a sick child in a hospital. When you buy two SMILE blankets, SMILE blankets will be donated to two children. Along with receiving your blanket in the mail you will be notified which hospital your blanket was donated to.

The other project that I came across is Find the Positive founded by Nashville music producer Brandon Metcalf. Wednesday, March 19th, Brandon came home from work to find his house ransacked with over $30,000 worth of possessions missing. Personal keepsakes, important documents, computers, recording equipment and cash gone in an instant. 

Instead of being angry or bitter, Brandon reminded himself of the other important assests in his life besides the "things" that used to fill up his living room. Faith, family, friends: all of which have been extremely supportive and have  reached out to offer financial contributions to help replace any items that were stolen.  Brandon has decided to use these donations to do something better and has set up a faith-based music project called Eleven 17.   100% of any donations will be used in the production and marketing of music that will inspire others. 

Happy Sabbath!

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