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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Carrots, Cosmos and Cherries

My garden from A to Z:
Carrots, Cosmos, and Cherries

Carrots are always a favorite in my garden, and I like Nantes Coreless and Nantes Half Long.  This packet was left over from last year and planted during the warm days last month.  Now it is a bit worn from the wind and the rain and the snow, but hopefully soon things will warm up and the carrots will show their little green leaves!  They do take quite a while to grow, but they winter well and I usually have quite a few left that I harvest in the spring after the snow has melted and I begin getting ready for planting the cool weather crops:

Many years ago when we were still in elementary school my dear older brother ordered a variety of flower seeds through the mail, probably from an ad in his Boy's Life Magazine.  One of the packets was of Cosmos seeds.  We planted them, and I fell in love with these gorgeous flowers.  I've planted them often through the years since, but haven't for a few years, so when I saw them at the dollar store last month I decided to try a few starts this year.  I planted them just over a week ago, and here they are, just poking their heads out of the soil.  I can't wait till it's warm enough and they're large enough to transplant outside!

The Cherry Tree is still bare.  No blossoms yet, but come July I'm sure we'll again have an abundance of tangy sour red fruit for pies and jellies and such.

And here's what I hope the Cosmos look like in a few months!


  1. I am limited on my balcony but I do love to dig in the dirt and have several pots planted. I like Cosmos too. They seem like such happy flowers.

    1. Cosmos are happy flowers, aren't they? I can't wait until I can plant them outside. I don't know how I would get along without the garden to dig in, but if I only had a balcony I'm sure I would have pots or planters of some kind.