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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quack Grass

I have a problem with grass.  Don't get me wrong, I love a nice green lawn with lots of grass, and I don't even mind mowing it.  My problem is with what I call Quack Grass.  I'm not absolutely sure that the grass I have is officially quack grass, but it does spread quickly by way of very strong tenacious rhizomes as described in the above link, and, if I am not careful, it will surely take over my entire yard and garden.  

We are lucky enough to have a nice concrete barrier between the lawn and the garden area, but his grass grows both underneath and over the barrier if allowed to do so.  As you can see in the photo above, I have plenty of work cut out for me in cleaning the grass out of this section of the garden.  I do it every year, but  don't always get it all out.  And of course it is a constant battle to keep it behind the concrete and in the lawn area.  

Here you can see where the grass has been overtaking the strawberry patch.  

And the raspberries.  

Our area is also know to have a huge problem with morning glory or bindweed which is almost impossible to kill. Some even say every single morning glory  plant is connected to the same root network world wide.  It sure seems like it sometimes!     But, I would take morning glory or bindweed in my garden over quack grass any day.  

What is your greatest garden weed problem?


  1. Hi Marcy - thankfully I don't have a garden right now - but I must say I'd like one. Bindweed is pretty horrid here, now we've got Japanese Knotweed - that is very serious ... it gets everywhere .. up through tarmac, through house walls, etc etc ...

    However your Quack Grass .. sounds a pain .. good luck with clearing it once again this year - cheers Hilary

  2. I looked up the Japanese Knotweek on Wikipedia, and it does look like a horrible problem. I don't remember dealing with it ever, even though it says they are having problems with it in the eastern USA now near where we used to live. I guess I should be grateful I'm only dealing with the grass and the bindweed.