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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Strawberries and Spinach

Usually the first delicious fruits from our garden each year are the strawberries!  The above photo was taken by DD4 last summer.   We still have another month or so before we get the berries this year, but we do have some little white blossoms already as you can maybe see in the photos below: 

 We had a few plants at the side of the house when we moved in, and over the years they have spread and been transplanted to several different beds.  These photos were taken from my current main strawberry bed along the back of the house.  It is very overgrown by both bindweed and quack grass now, so one of my projects this year is digging out the plants a few feet at a time and transplanting them into different areas of the garden.  As I clear out each section, I can then transplant plants from the other sections into a newly tilled, fertilized, and grass and weed free area.  Hopefully we will have many delicious strawberries to eat and share in the next few years!

As for the spinach?  Well, I should have bought some new seed instead of planting the old leftover seed from last year, as I have yet to see any new spinach plants this year, even though I planted weeks ago.  Unless, this little redish green leaflet above is spinach?  Probably not.  It is most likely an errant beet, or even more likely, another weed.


  1. Delighted to find another gardener on the #Challenge while blog hopping today. You answered a question for me. Guess I won't use last years seed to grow morning glories after your spinach experience. thanks for these interesting posts.

    1. Stepheny, I would go ahead and try the seeds, just be prepared to plant something else in their place if they don't work out. I also planted some Zinnia seeds that are at least 5 years old indoors at the beginning of April, and most of them are doing very nicely. Hopefully I can get them transplanted outside this weekend. I fizzled out on the A to Z Challenge and didn't get my Z post published, but I may still do that.