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Friday, September 26, 2014

A Peek at the Harvest

So, I haven't been a very good blogger this summer.  Here I got all excited back in April with my A to Z posts about the wonderful growing things in my yard and garden, and then . . . . well I guess I just lost my steam.  Life happened, I decided to take a class at the college, kids came home to visit etc. etc.  I wasn't extremely vigilant in the garden.  It usually got watered on a regular basis, but the weeds and the snails and the heat all took their toll, and I'm too embarrassed to show what it looks like at this point.  However, we were blessed with an abundance of strawberries for eating:

And for strawberry rhubarb pie and strawberry cheesecake:

 We even had some cherry pie, but I'm not sure if I got a photo of that. We have had plenty of tomatoes for eating at the table, and I even managed a small batch of chili sauce made from my Grandma's old recipe:

We've still been blessed with nice warm days this September, so when I heard this morning that the forecast is calling for rain and cold, I decided I'd better spend some time in the yard and garden this evening.  The lawn got mowed, a few weeds pulled, and here is a quick little harvest of fresh veggies for our dinner tonight:

We have fresh tomatoes and basil and green beans, and some beets and potatoes too.  So, though it's not spectacular, we're going for tasty and nutritious for tonight at least.

So, how did your garden grow?

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