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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for Albert

A is for Albert  (As noted in the above header, during the month of April 2015 I will be blogging from A to Z about my family tree).

 The name Albert is a very common during the past few generations, and also in the current generations of my Family Tree. The simple meaning of the name Albert is Nobel, bright, famous. It has always been very interesting to me how often this name appears as a given name among my progenitors.
 In the past three generations, there are four male individuals with the given name of Albert: 

 In my generation the name Albert has moved to use as a middle name. I have one brother with the middle name of Albert.  I also have one cousin who carries Albert as a middle name.
 (photo of cousin "Albert" is currently unavailable).

 In the upcoming generation there are even more young men with this noble middle name. My own son carries this name, along with one of my nephews and recently, one of my grand-nephews. I believe I am safe to assume that there are also numerous second and third cousins who have this noble name. Aren't they all such fine looking gentlemen and boys?
 (only one photo currently available)


  1. Hi Marcy - I bet many were called that after Queen Victoria's husband Albert. But it is interesting how families keep names ... most of our cousins etc have their mother or their father's name as a second one ... the third child has new names ... love the photos - cheers Hilary

    1. You must be right, Hilary. Names of important public figures are often quite popular, and the first Albert in at least one of my family lines was born in Harlestone, Northampton. He could very well have been named after Queen Victoria's Albert.

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