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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Yarn Bombing Contest

Would you like to win some free yarn??  I just found this fun contest being offered by Sandy at Bridge and Beyond, a blog dedicate to helping homeless and others in need with donated knitted and crocheted items.  It is a photo contest . . . and a yarn contest all in one. Just take your yarn bombing  photos  (see the cartoon above for inspiration) and submit them to Sandy's blog before the end of May 2015.   Hurry, you only have one week left to enter the contest.   You can find all of the rules at  Bridge and Beyond.
Happy Yarn Bombing!


  1. Thanks for the visit and the plug, appreciate it. How's your research coming along?

  2. Popping in to say hi,hope all is well with you.

  3. Me popping in again. Are you ok? Are you not blogging anymore?

    1. I have been taking a bit of a break here, but I also blog at http://marcysrandomthoughts.blogspot.com tend to post a bit more often over there. Please feel free to pop on over!

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