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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Help for my Friends

If you have followed my blog at all in the past, you are probably aware that I sometimes post links to various causes that I have come across in my blogging  activities that I feel are legitimate ways to show compassion and help others.   Today I would like to share the story of a personal friend.  

This past December  a wonderful young man who I have watched grow up  was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent surgery three days later. Recovery meant missing several weeks at his job as a deputy paramedic. Earlier this summer he and his young wife were putting their lives back together and planning another baby, he discovered that his cancer requires further treatment. He now faces radiation, mounting medical bills, and loss of work. To make matters more difficult,  his young wife also recently required a complicated surgery. This young man is a dedicated husband and father. He and his wife have been married for five years and have a beautiful two year old daughter.  He puts his life on the line everyday to serve and protect others.  His wife is a wonderful mother, and wife and friend. Their family and friends are trying to help them raise money for medical bills, loss of work, potential loss of fertility, etc.

This young man has personally helped my family and countless others many times with car repairs, rides, yard work, and other selfless acts of service, expecting nothing in return.  It is a way of life for his family.    If you would like to learn more, and possibly contribute to the cause, please click on the links below.

http://www.gofundme.com/ygeycg  Go Fund Me

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