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Sunday, January 10, 2016

For Garden Lovers

I know it's January, and most people in these parts aren't thinking much about gardening right now, but I just wanted to share a new blog I started following this past year:

A Garden for the House written by Keven Lee Jacobs  . . . . blogs about his gardens in New York's Hudson Valley and his recipes and his new recipe book that will soon be out.    The above link is to his recent blog post where he talks about opening up his gardens to the public as part of The Garden Conservancy   Open Days garden tours.  His open dates for this year will be on Saturday May 21st and Saturday August 20th.   Now New York's Hudson Valley isn't too far from where DS2 and DDIL and DGS live.   Wouldn't that make a nice side trip on a visit to my kids?  Hmmmm.

Of course my small yard and gardening attempts would never ever be considered a garden of this caliber by any means, but I do love visiting gardens and have had the chance to visit several wonderful gardens throughout the country.  I was excited to find this website and read about the good work that this organization does to save and share outstanding American gardens for the education and inspiration of the public.

If you love gardens like I do, you just may want to check out Keven's blog and The Garden Conservancy's website.

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