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Monday, April 3, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Barry Manilow


On September 17, 1981 my DH (at that time my very good friend) and I attended a Barry Manilow concert at the Marriott Center on Brigham Young University campus in Provo, Utah.

I must confess that this concert made it onto my calendar, but no mention of it was made in my journal, which actually has very few entries from the summer and fall of 1981.  But can you blame me?  I was a 20 year old college student being swept off her feet by one of the cutest guys ever born, and we were dating or involved in some sort of activity with family or friends almost every single day.  I had been taking classes and trying to do homework and not be distracted too much by this guy all summer long.  Who had time to keep a journal?

I do know that I enjoyed the concert.  What young lady in 1981 would not have?  Weekend in New England had been the theme for my high school Junior Prom several years before and all of Barry Manilow's songs were dreamy and romantic.  I'm sure the concert included most of his greatest hits by then, songs like Even Now, Mandy, Copacabana, I Write the Songs, Can't Smile Without You, Look's Like We Made It, Try'n to Get the Feeling Again, and This One's For You.

So, did this concert date seal my commitment to my DH?   Sorry, but I'm afraid not.  He'd already proposed, and I'd already turned him down, for now.  But that September concert certainly didn't cause any problems in our relationship, and I'm sure that by night's end I loved that guy (my DH) even more than before.

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