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Monday, April 17, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Night Sky

I grew up on a farm near a small town in a mountain valley, so grew up with spectacular views of the night sky, and I love, love, love a clear starry night.   In our culture, the courtship period usually provides many opportunities for a young couple to enjoy time together under moonlit, starry night skies.   Our official first date, helping to cater my cousin's wedding reception was outdoors in a park, and I'm sure it was dark by the time we were finished there.   On the Fourth of July DH and I spent the day with my family, and then drove back to our college town to watch the fireworks from a blanket on the lawn outside of the nearby football stadium.   The Manti Pageant from my "M" post was held outdoors under a starry night sky.   The tram ride down from the dance above Bridal Veil Falls was under a beautiful night sky.  There were many rides home in Gully in the night time and many long talks under the night sky as we came to know each other, including the August night we were thinking about thinking about becoming engaged.  If I remember correctly, there was one evening when we planned to visit the college campus planetarium, but it happened to be closed that evening.  

After we married and our family gradually grew from one baby to six, we naturally spent less and less time outside together under the night sky, but our interest and enjoyment of the starry skies is still there.   Over the years we have spent some nights camping under the night skies with our family.  There have been concerts in the parks, and more fireworks shows.   We have made visits to the planetarium and enjoyed the star shows there, and have even invested in several telescopes over the years.   It's  a bit difficult to find places far enough away from the bright city lights to see all that we would like to see in the beautiful night sky very often, but an evening under the stars together is still a favorite time for my DH and I.  

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