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Friday, April 28, 2017

A to Z Challenge: XANGO and RSL

Kyle Beckerman in XANGO RSL Jersey

In November 2006 management of RSL Soccer team signed an agreement with XANGO, a diet supplement maker, to put the company name on the front of the soccer team's jerseys.  Thus began the more than five-year span of time when XANGO became a part of our courtship.   Yes, we married way back in 1983, many years before either XANGO or RSL Soccer were even dreamed of, but DH and I do manage to continue courting from time to time, even though we are now an old married couple with grandchildren.  For ?? years we were the proud owners of four front row season tickets for RSL Soccer home games.  I admit that I did not attend every game with my DH, but I did attend my fair share, along with our children and various other friends and relatives who have been invited along from time to time.  

Through the years we have also enjoyed season tickets to the NJ Symphony Orchestra, and have spent other evenings together attending concerts and museums and movies and dinners out.   Maybe one of our favorite activities together are quiet evenings at home with good books. 

How do you and your spouse continue your courtship?

Alvara Sabario and Chris Wingert celebrating win against Portland Timbers

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