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Friday, April 27, 2018

X Marks The Spot

Treasure hunts were popular activities at our house, and several of the kids birthday parties featured a hunt for buried treasure.   Usually a series of written clues was prepared before hand, and the guests were divided into two groups, or maybe just one, and given the first clue which would lead them to the location where the next clue was hidden.  Sometimes there was even a map!  When the treasure was found, sometimes buried in the garden and sometimes in another secret inside location, the stash of candy and trinkets would be divided among the participants.

Usually after such an activity, at least several of the kids and their friends would plan their own treasure hunt for other siblings or friends.   Filling a box or other container with messages and important objects, then burying them as a "time capsule"  was another favorite activity.

There have been several times when as a family activity we have written letters to our future selves, and sealed them up in an envelope to be opened in five or ten years.    It is always interesting to open up the letter years later and to see the thoughts and goals and other predictions that had been written by your former self years before.   In fact, I have one such envelope sitting on my desk right this very minute:

Family Time Capsule
December 2009 to December 2019
Does anyone remember what's inside?

Have you ever searched for buried treasure?   
Have you ever buried a treasure or a time capsule?
 Have you ever written a message to your future self?


  1. Hi Marcy - excellent idea for a large family ... and I love your time capsule thoughts too - well perhaps we'll find out next year ... and enjoy opening it - cheers Hilary

    1. Excellent Idea! I'll have to remember to report back what's inside. Stay tuned until December 2019!

  2. Treasure hunts are a lot of fun. When my kids were little, we did them a lot.

    1. It's almost even more fun for the kids to plan the treasure hunt than to be the participant!

  3. We used to have scavenger hunts that took us all over the neighborhood. So much fun! Your family treasure hunts are just one more reason to love a big family! Loved this one, too. Hey! I've loved all of your posts!