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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mother's Day Gifts

Wondering what to get for the Mom that has everything? 

 A video from the International Rescue Committee ( https://gifts.rescue.org/product/health/three-newborn-baby-kits) has been regularly showing up on my Facebook feed, and I for one would be more than honored to have one of these newborn kits gifted in my name for Mother's Day.  Yes, I have been abundantly blessed to be the mother of six amazing and awesome children, and did not ever lack for the necessities to care for any of my babies. 

GIVE JOY   3 Newborn Baby Kits  $63

GIVE HOPE:  Care for Mom and Baby $73

GIVE OPPORTUNITY:  Year of School for two girls $116

Your own Mom might want something different for Mother's Day this year, but this or a donation to another worthwhile charitable organization would make this Mother very truly happy!

That's all, and have a wonderful weekend!

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