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Sunday, December 1, 2019

End of November Gratefuls

Sunday December 1, 2019 

I'm grateful for a long weekend and the Sabbath for a day of rest.   This week and especially this weekend has been busy, but full of blessings, so even though I didn't take the time to post every day this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I would like to record some of the blessings of the weekend.  I should have taken a few photos, but, as usually didn't think to do so.

Wednesday during the day I had the opportunity to go with several of my co-workers to help sort clothing donations at the Gail Miller Resource Center, a fairly new homeless shelter in our metropolitan area.  Others of our group helped with serving lunch and meal prep for Thanksgiving Day breakfast.  That night was of course the pie baking evening, and we ended up with 6 homemade pies for Thanksgiving Day.  DD3 arrived after midnight and said hello and goodnight before heading off to bed.

Thursday morning we slept in for a bit, did some reading, shoveled the snow off the driveway and sidewalks and then with the help of the daughters put the turkey in the oven and cleaned and set the table and fixed all of the side dishes . . . cranberry sauce, dressing, creamed corn, baked yams and apples, mashed white potatoes, gravy, tofurky, and green beans.  DD4 brought the rolls and at 4 pm we gathered with four of our dear children and their significant others for our Thanksgiving feast, games, thanksgiving tree, visiting, and pie.  We even got a few photos of the grandkids and their parents celebrating at their home back in the east!

Friday was another day of snow, sleeping in for a bit, assembling our traditional Holiday Kisses advent chains,  (see this post about Christmas Traditions), more snow shoveling, a bit of laundry, and several trips to the airport.  No we did not do any black Friday shopping, but I did stop at the closest grocery store for more bread and milk and cookies and chocolate.   Then it was a drive to the airport to drop of DD3 and her boyfriend so they could fly to visit with DD2 for the remainder of the weekend.  Then there were more games and visiting with DS1 and his wife before a midnight trip to the airport to pick up a dear niece who has come to visit with her grandparents this weekend.  We haven't seen her for a couple of years, so it was good to have her spend the night with us.

Saturday included a pancake breakfast and a drive with dear niece to the grandparent's home, a bit of shopping, more snow shoveling and more laundry and more visits with DS1 and wife before their flight back home.  Yes it has been busy, but good to have a few extra days to pack in all the busyness.

And today is a day for church, remembering our Savior, practicing Christmas songs with the choir, and reflecting once again on our bounteous blessings and the coming Christmas season.  Wishing all of you gentle readers and loved ones many many things to be grateful for!


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