During April 2020 I will be posting quotes about our Savior, Jesus Christ, drawing upon the words of the document "The Living Christ, The Testimony of the Apostles
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" which was first published 20 years ago in the year 2000.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Slow Down, Slow Down, Be Still

This morning during our primary class (Sunday school for children)  lesson time, one of our eight year old students asked "How can you tell when the Holy Ghost is talking to you?"  What a very very good question.  So we stopped to discuss this important question with the other students in the class.  One young man brought up that the Holy Ghost can put answers in your mind and in your heart.    I mentioned that I love taking some time in bed every morning to just be still and think about problems and questions that I have, and often times I feel the Holy Ghost bringing thoughts to my mind of things that I should be doing or even answers to questions that I have about work problems or my family or other things in my life.  It came up that often times we don't have time in the mornings to be still and think and listen to what the Holy Ghost might be trying to teach us.  Hopefully we are finding time to read scriptures and to pray, and to take the time to slow down and be still.  Hopefully as parents we have taught our children to take the time to slow down and be still and listen to the promptings of the Spirit.  Hopefully we have allowed them and encouraged them to not be too busy, and that they can have the time to slow down and be still and listen.

Tonight I took the time to listen to the World Wide Devotional broadcast where Elder D. Todd Christopherson, a latter day apostle of Jesus Christ was the main speaker.  As part of his talk and presentation, he shared this Youtube video of the singer Sissel singing the song "Slow Down" that she performed at The Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day Concert in July 2019.  It seems more than a coincidence to me that I've received this very important message not once, but twice today:

Source: Youtube  #Sissell #tabchoir #SlowDown
Slow Down - Sissel (2019 Pioneer Concert with the Tabernacle Choir)

Slow down, slow down, be still
And wait on the Spirit of the Lord
And know that he is God

Slow down, slow down, be still my child,
Be still and wait on the Spirit of the Lord.

May we all find the time to slow down and listen during these busy, sometimes confusing times!!

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