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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I Did This Summer

This morning I saw the first flock of geese of the season heading south. Labor Day is over, and with it ends the "traditional" summer.  Kids all over this country are now back to school, some well into the new school year.  In keeping with the season, here's my traditional "What I Did During My Summer Vacation" essay. 

For starters, this summer I've been trying to organize my thoughts and tackle the revisions on my current  WIP.   I've had several trusted people read part or all of my draft, and give me ideas and feedback.  I've decided to change the POV, among other things, have written out a rough new outline, and have started on the revisions.  The new draft is at 8,980 words, with many many words to go.  The challenge now is to avoid the many and varied distractions and get myself back on track to finish before the end of the year!

Interestingly enough, my "Summer Vacation" (such as it was) both began and ended with interesting trips to cemetaries with my girls.  On Memorial Day Weekend we attended a family reunion where we were able to tour my Great-great Grandfather, James G Willie's home and visit his gravesite.  On Labor Day we visited the gravesite of my Great Grandfather Albert Smith.  In both cemetaries we wandered and explored, and even talked about preferences for our own gravestones some day.  Both days were pleasant excursions with my girls.  ( Unfortunately Dear Hubby had to work both days.)

In between the "bookends" of summer, life has been pretty laid back.  Most days most of us went to work.  We had a few walks and visits to parks.   We hiked to Donut Falls on the 4th of July.  We enjoyed the traditional family carnival on Utah's Pioneer Day, July 24th.  We watched fireworks and listened to concerts in the park. 

We had a wonderful family reunion with extended family in 3 large, connected condos where we could relax and visit and eat and play together. It's always a challenge getting a group of 60 or more people together and planning meals and activities to interest all ages, but my wonderful siblings orchestrated a sucessful plan for our 4 day affair, and I had great time.  It's been interesting reading about what other families do at reunion time.  One of my favorite bloggers tells about how they put together their family reunion here, her sister tells the history of their family vacation home here.   Our family reunion is always more low key, but I'm grateful to have time to relax and be with them all.

So, now that summer's over, it's time to get back to work!


  1. Oh family reunions... they are fun!

  2. Oh! Participating in this blogfest makes me long for summer again! Glad you enjoyed your family reunion! :)

    Ready for midnight? I am posting Darkspell's chapter 2 Illustration--WOOOT! http://www.authorelizabethmueller.com/countdown--38-of-39-illustrations-left.html

  3. We do the same thing for our family reunion. Last year I think we hit 63, but this year it was just over 50. Three tiring, but fun, days! Glad you had a good (and low-key, low-key is good!) vacation!

  4. How wonderful Marcy to have such a close family and to enjoy a large reunion.

    SO many of my blogger friends have extensive families with brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, parents, and grandparents.

    I only wish my family was to here to partake in such festivities.

    Thankfully I have an extended family with my wonderful friends.

    Thanks for sharing your family reunion with us.