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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Show and Tell

One of my favorite bloggers takes each Friday to respond to comments and questions the come up in response to her blog posts.  (you can read some of her Friday Q&A posts here and here and  here.)  I don't have nearly as many followers, comments and questions, so I thought that I would  take time each Friday to share some of the interesting things that I have come across during the past week. Then I will also address any questions or comments that may come to me during the week.  (If I have any!)

I'll start with the Friday's Favorites.

1.  Blogs about Writing I have spent most of my blogging time this week trying to get to know the bloggers participating in Rachel Harrie's campaign and have found many more wonderful blogs on writing than I could ever imagine. Some interesting advice about handling rejection is here, another take on the importance of reading your work aloud is here, and a tip for improving your prose here.  There were many many more, but I'm too tired to try and find them right now!

2.  YouTube videos called Kid History  Now I don't spend much time watching YouTube, but my friend
Eva Aurora posted several on her blog here and here.  My girls and I spent some humorous moments watching these this past week.  You may want to take a look!

3.  Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge Widget  I have been a member of Goodreads since May of 2008, and this year I joined the Goodreds 2011 reading challenge with the goal to read at least 56 books during the year.  This past week I noticed a reading challenge widget on one of my fellow campaigner's blogs.  I clicked on the widget, which took me here, and I found that I could add the widget to my own blog.  You can now see it on my sidebar.  Happy!! :)

 Friday Q&A:

Do you really have 91 books stacked next to your bed?

Yes, at least I did when I wrote my 10 Random things about me post. I sat and counted them!  More than half of them are library books, but the rest are books I own that I either want to finish reading or re-read, or that I have recently(?) finished reading and just don't know where to put them now.  My DH reads even more than I do, and some are books that he has finished and "handed over" to me to read or put away!

 I'm in your historical fiction group. Do you have a particular era you write about? 

So far I've tried writing about 16th century England and 1830's New England/western frontier. I'm next planning for a story set in colonial Maryland/Virginal.  I have nothing published yet, and I'm sure that I have a lot to learn.  Hopefully reading all of my fellow campaigner's blogs will help me!

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