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Friday, June 1, 2012

June Jumpstart

JumpStartWriMo, June 2012, photo by arbyreed from Flickr
Julie Coulter Bellon is sponsoring the Jumpstartwrimo for the month of June.  Rather than starting from scratch on a new project like the participants of Camp Nanowrimo, Jumpstart allows you to set your own goals, and sounds like just what I need to keep me writing this month.

During May my goal was to write for an hour every day Monday through Saturday.  I actually did spend time writing 21 different days in May, and was able to add 17,917 words to my current WIP which is now at 53,411 words. For June I'd like to continue on with this goal and shoot for an additional 25,000 words. Hopefully at that point I'll have a fairly good draft ready for revision.

Wish me luck!

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