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Monday, July 2, 2012

June Jumpstart Goal Report

Julie Coulter Bellon  sponsored the Jumpstartwrimo  writing challenge for the month of June. Rather than starting from scratch on a new project like the participants of Camp Nanowrimo, Jumpstart allows you to set your own goals, and was just what I needed to start out the summer and keep me writing all month.

For my June Jumpstart goal I decided to continue my May goal of writing for an hour every day Monday through Saturday, and try to push myself and shoot for an additional 25,000 words.   I fell quite short of my goal, only writing for 16 days instead of 26, and only writing 12,374 words.  That ended up being less that the 17,917 words that I wrote in May, but, that's still progress on the WIP, and I did have some pretty good days!

I did spend some  quality time with family, and had a great time this past weekend with family too!  It was a weekend filled with concerts in the park and fireworks to celebrate the birthday of our city. DD4 and I started out at the first concert on Thursday night, (the symphony, one of my favorites) on Friday night we added DD1 and DD2 and some fireworks, then on Saturday we included DH, DS1 and his friend, and DD3, along with assorted friends and inlaws, a few munchies, visiting, dancing to the music and even more awsome fireworks. My favorite kind of weekend, in spite of traffic and late night bedtimes.

And now, I'm back to the WIP, shooting again for that 25,000 words for July!

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  1. Sounds like you did great! I thought we all made some wonderful progress on our goals. Thank you SO much for participating. :)