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Friday, December 28, 2012

Cherry Pie

Creation of the Day:  Homemade Cherry Pie

One of my favorite holiday activities is baking pies.  I generally bake several kinds of pie for Thanksgiving, but this year for some reason I just wasn't in the mood, and delegated the Thanksgiving Pie making to DD3.  She did an awesome job, and we loved the results.  Christmas is a bit busier, and I often don't get pies made for Christmas Day.  This year we had pumpkin bread, cookies and candy for our Christmas Day treats, but yesterday was a rather quiet day, so last night I decided to bake up a cherry pie before the kids all head back to their various schools and are still here to enjoy it.  So here is a photo of the Creation of the Day: the last pieces of our homemade cherry pie, made from cherries grown in our own back yard and picked and frozen last July.  I made one large pie, then four mini pies in the nifty silicone mini pie pan that DD2 received from DD1 for Christmas. (I didn't have enough dough for top crusts on the mini pies.  I guess they were actually cherry tarts.)

For more news on our Christmas activities, check out my post Little Miracles on my Random Thoughts and Tender Mercies Blog.  Hope that you are all enjoying your Christmas Holiday!

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