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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Public School Teachers

Thankful Thursday: Public School Teachers and Parent Teacher Conferences
(And Intelligent, Hard Working Kids)

Last night I attended my final, very last ever parent teacher conference. It went well. Almost twenty four years ago, in the fall of 1989, DH and I attended our first ever parent teacher conference at Rolling Hills Primary School. DS1 began kindergarten that year with a good, but stern, old school type teacher. We have attended well over 50 parent teacher conferences for our six children since then, most of them favorable and enjoyable. Our children have all been blessed with good intelligence and a desire to do their best. We are proud of them.

We moved away from Rolling Hills Primary School before our three youngest children began school there, and over the years we have attended parent teacher conferences at five different primary/elementary schools, one middle school, one junior high school and one high school. Some years we had four children in the same elementary. Later on, the years when the three oldest were in the same middle school or the same high school were definitely interesting ones. It was always a challenge to schedule the conferences so that we could visit all of their teachers within a reasonable time frame, especially when we were spending hours standing in line in the school gym trying to see possibly eight different teachers for each of the three children. Gratefully there were generally two or more teachers who over-lapped, so we had one less line to stand in.

I'm grateful for whoever invented parent teacher conference. I have enjoyed getting to know my children's teachers, learning of their assessments and views of my children, and having their help and assistance in teaching my children not only the 3R's and core curriculum, but also teaching them values and expanding their horizons. Our family has been blessed to have associated with many very dedicated public school teachers over the years. We did not always agree with the philosophy and assessments of every teacher, but I believe that every teacher did care about the education and well being of their students.

I love my kids, am very proud of them all, and am grateful for all of the dedicated public school teachers who have taught my children over the past 24 years.

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