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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unnamed Quilt Blocks . . . and blocks still unmade.

As I have previously mentioned, two years ago I was lucky enough to take a free quilting class from a master quilter that lasted several weeks.  As part of the class, she would pass out basic patterns for some of the quilt blocks that we were to be making as our practice work.  Over the course of the two months or so that the weekly classes ran, I was able to sew together a number of six inch quilt blocks that are now sitting in a plastic tub waiting for me to put them together into a sampler lap top quilt.  I remembered that one of the patterns had no name, but was labeled "Unnamed.  I thought that it was a pattern that I had not tried, so I planned to use it for my letter "U" post today.  When I was ready to begin preparing this post several days ago, I went to my folder of patterns looking for the Unnamed pattern.  Much to my surprise, I found two patterns titled "Unnamed", both of which I had already sewn. 

The first one, pictured above, was one that I have found in other places titled "Friendship Star".  I made this six inch Friendship Star block for my class two years ago.  And since I've already done my "F" blog post on the  Flying Geese and the Flying Dutchman quilt blocks, I can't very well use the Unnamed/Friendship star for my "U" blog post, can I?

The second "Unnamed" pattern that I found in my folder was this one for a tree.  I also made a six inch block from this pattern for my class two years ago, and I remember that it was quite the effort to get all of the measurements and the angles just right.  I suppose that I could use this block for my Unnamed blog post (I guess that I actually am . . . ) but . . . .

This is actually the quilt block pattern that I had thought was "Unnamed" and that I had planned make  to use for my letter U blog post, but If you look closely at the pattern above, you can see that it does have a name, "Sailboat", which should have been sewn and ready to post on Monday for the letter "S", but is still unmade.   I have started cutting pieces for the block, but have not yet started sewing it.  Sigh.  The best laid plans . . . are better laid if you plan ahead a little bit better. 


  1. The first looks like a pinwheel, the second a christmas tree, the third some sort of cargo ship, not sure you were looking for names but I thought I'd give my two cents :)

    1. Those would all be good names, and I do appreciate your two cents.