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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Apples, Apricots and Asparagus

My Garden from A to Z

Apples, Apricots and Asparagus

So my first Garden from A to Z post doesn't actually feature anything that I currently have in my garden.  But, it does include several things that I wish I had in my garden.  I have always wanted to have apple and apricot trees.  I grew up with apple trees in our garden and my dear mother in law has both apples and apricots on her property that she generously shares with us.  So, even though I don't have the apples and apricots in my own yard, I do have them in my pantry.  Nice thick chunky applesauce and plump orange apricots, and even apricot jam!

My father at one time grew asparagus in our lawn in the spring times.  I didn't particularly enjoy it back then, but I certainly do now.  The other day dear Mother In Law gifted us with a nice fresh bundle of asparagus, and last night I sautéd in butter and then briefly steamed the entire batch,   Yumm!!!   Maybe someday I'll figure out how to grow my own.

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  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher, I believe that I accidentally deleted your comment with my clumsy fingers on the kindle. I'm so sorry! I do hope you were able to find some good asparagus.