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Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for Jaques or Jacques

My fifth great grandmother on my maternal grandmother's line is the first of the Jaques (or Jacques) line to appear on my family tree.  Susannah Jaques (married to Joseph Bird, see B is for Bird) was born 17 June 1731 in Woodbridge, Middlesex county, New Jersey.  According to one source of information found on familysearch.org the Jacques family were thought to be French, probably Huguenot.  Susannah's great, great, grandfather, Henry Jaques is said to have been a carpenter who first settled in Newbury, Massachusetts, and later was among the first settlers of Woodbridge, New Jersey back in 1670.  Other sources say that the family emigrated from Stanton, Wiltshire, England.  Susannah's  grandmother, also named Susannah (maiden name Dille or Dell), is listed as a member of the Woodbrigde Presbyterian church in August of 1708.

Susannah and Joseph were said to have six children:    They suffered much during the revolutionary war, with their homes and livestock being taken from them.  One of their sons, Joseph, died during the war, and another Jeremiah was taken prisoner for a time.  Susannah herself died in 1781 in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

source:  familysearch.org


  1. Hi Marcy .. sounds like J is not a particularly happy name for the family .. but let's hope things improved in the years ahead. Cheers HIlary

    1. I'm sure that there were many others in the family tree who have suffered hardships during times of war, and other times too, and yes, let's hope that things always improved in the years ahead. We all hang on to the hope that things will work out all right.