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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Lights and Decorations

I came home from my weekly visit with my Dear Father this evening to the sight of Christmas lights brightly shining from the eves of our home.   Thank you DD3 for once again taking care of the Christmas lights!   Her kind service to her mother is becoming quite the tradition, and it is greatly appreciated!  I do very much appreciate Christmas lights!   Just when the nights become the longest and the days the shortest of the entire year, the tradition is to deck the halls and the homes and the businesses with brightly colored lights to cheer us and to carry us through the darkest and longest nights of winter.  What a wonderful tradition!

On a somewhat sad note, DD3 regretfully informed me that of all of the wonderful strands of out door lights that were gifted to us over 20 years ago by my Dear Mother in Law, only two strands seem to work this year, and of those two strands, quite a few of the light sockets no longer work.   We have plenty of replacement bulbs, but it is the sockets themselves that are the problem.  It looks like we'll need to watch the sales this year and invest in some new lights for the future.

After our dinner, we pulled the old Christmas Tree out of the box in the garage, and the 3 dear daughters that are here for the weekend worked together to deck the tree out with lights and garlands and our truly unique collection of Christmas ornaments gathered from various locations over the years.   Again we found that the lights were lacking.   We have had many sets of chasing colored lights for the tree for the past two decades, but alas, only one strand still works properly.  So this year we will settle for the pre-strung white lights that came with the tree.   We are in the market for even more lights, and possibly for a new tree?   We shall see.  

But we are by no means perfectionists when it comes to our decorations around these parts, so for now, for this season, we are grateful for and we celebrate the lights of Christmas . . . and the wonderful service of loving daughters who help the tired Mom so she can enjoy the lights!

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