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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Milk, The Perfect Percent

Little blurb found on a bottle of Darigold 2% Milk:

"2% is what happens when delicious whole milk meets delicious nonfat milk, and they decide to make the most perfect milk known to mankind.  It's impossibly creamy yet somehow light and refreshing.  Enjoy the sweet taste of perfection."

I don't normally drink 2% milk, but would if I felt I could and not compromise my health.  I mostly drink skim milk now, and believe that I drink much more milk than most people, especially people of my age.  I grew up drinking milk fresh from the cow, with the cream poured off the top, but we used the cream on our cereal and in our baking, so I guess I basically grew up drinking whole milk.  I admit that I love real butter, whole milk cheeses, and anything made with plenty of butter and cream, but try to keep it all saved for special occasions now days.

Anyway, the little ditty on the milk bottle just tickled my fancy, and I thought I'd share.

Cheers!  Have a glass of milk.  Perhaps 2% Darigold?

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