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Saturday, April 1, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Alphabet Cookies

The very first activity that my DH and I did together after the day we met was an evening spent  baking cookies together.   We were both attending college at Brigham Young University in the spring of 1981, and within days of meeting my DH, he called on the phone and asked if I would like to come over and bake cookies with him that evening.   Now I had never been invited to bake cookies with a guy before, and this was intriguing to me, so of course I accepted.  I didn't hurt that this particular guy was particularly good looking and attractive, besides being friendly and a generally nice, good guy.   He had a set of Alphabet cookie cutters that he had borrowed from his Mom or his sister, and we had  a pretty darn good time.   If I remember correctly, he didn't really have a recipie for sugar cookies at his apartment, so we went back and found mine, and we got to work.   I don't really remember what we did with all of the cookies.  I know we did bake our own names, and I think we might have frosted them too.   I enjoyed watching this cute guy bustle around the kitchen, impressed by his enthusiasm and the way he just dove right in and went to work.  I mainly remember how much I was impressed that DH had thought of a creative, unusual activity for our first date.  (But he says that wasn't our first date . . . since we didn't really go anywhere.   We'll talk more about that at a later time . . . probably when we get to the letter H).

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