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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Blogging A to Z Blog Reveal

So the past few months have been very full for me, and I really have not done much blogging here on my public blog, but way back last fall I created a potential list for my now annual April A to Z blog posts.  Two years ago I blogged about A to Z from my family tree, last year I blogged about the A to Z's of my childhood.   This year I would like to blog about the A to Z's of my courtship with my DH.  This month marks the 36th anniversary of our meeting and the beginning of our courtship.  Last night DH and I were out celebrating, and I realized that I had not even begun to prepare any of these posts, so even though I have topics for most days of the month, I will be pretty much winging my way through the foggy memories of that wonderful spring, and beyond.  I missed the official Reveal for A to Z 2017, and after a quick review of recent emails and blog posts realize I'm not even sure exactly how this is working this year, but any way, here it goes:

April 2017  Blogging from A to Z on Creation and Compassion and Random Thoughts and Tender Mercies will be:

Courtship from A to Z   

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