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Monday, April 16, 2018

Night Time

Night time with six kids.  Where do we start?  Dinner time has always been a bit varied, depending on different schedules and all, but we have always tried to eat together most evenings sometime between six and seven pm.  Hopefully the kids all clear their own places and load the dishes into the dishwasher.  Sometimes someone is assigned to help clean up the food and put that away.  There may be evening activities or meetings at church or school or extended family.  Hopefully most of the homework has already been done, and the water is running in the bathtub for a quick scrub and a splash.  By about 8 or 9 pm we can gather for family scripture reading and prayers.  We have always tried to read a chapter of scripture together as a family every evening, followed by kneeling together for a family prayer, each family member taking their turn to read and/or pray.   If kids aren't in pajamas by now, they'd better do that pretty darn quick.  If a snack is needed, do that quickly too . . . maybe milk and cookies or crackers, possibly ice cream or cake, depending on what Mom happens to have around.    Brush those teeth now.  Make sure to get the ones in back and all around.

Finally it's story time.  Mom usually lets each child choose one story, maybe two depending on how many kids are involved.  Possibly a chapter or two from The Box Car Children for the older kids.  Yes, Mom has many of the favorite picture books memorized; the kids probably do too.  No, let's not read that one tonight, it's a bit too long, and right now it's too late.  Let's find a shorter one instead!  Yes, Mom of six has actually been known to nod off while reading bed time stories to the kids, and end up talking/reading in her sleep, much to the hilarity of the kids!

Once the stories are done, each child says their own individual prayers, then climbs into bed.  Gather the dollies and the teddy bears.  A hug and a kiss. Pull up the covers and turn out the lights.  We might sing a song or two, and maybe if needed Mom will lie down next to someone for a minute, and hopefully the kids will fall asleep before she does. 

Of course this routine varies depending on the ages of the children.  Older children and teenagers may be up much later doing homework or dating or attending school activities.  Older kids might be allowed to stay up later reading in bed.   Some new babies are definitely night owls, and the minute the siblings and Dad fall asleep, Baby Dear is wide awake and ready for fun!  Or teething or down with the sniffles and unable to sleep.   There may be a scary dream or a nightmare, or heaven forbid, an upset stomach.   Some nights are very long for Mom.  But one thing is certain, there are very few nights when Mom has trouble falling asleep once in her own bed with her head on the pillow.   

Nite Nite, Sleep Tight!


  1. Thats such a sweet way to wind up the day. Do the dishes, have a warm bath, read a story. I miss this time with my daughter as I come back late from work and she is already in bed, as she wakes up early for school, its been 2 weeks she has started school.

    1. I miss those days sometimes too! But I'm not sure I have the energy to do it every day anymore. I believe there's a reason that motherhood is a blessing of the younger ages!

  2. Oh, how I love reading about your beautiful big family, Marcy! With only two children, we had a much abbreviated bedtime routine from yours. We always ate dinner together, then baths, stories, and prayers. I admire you so much for your family devotional time. I always wanted to do that but didn't get all that much cooperation and gave up. We were all always involved in church activities during the week and on Sunday, but just couldn't lock down that evening family time. Congratulations to you and your hubby! BTW, how old are your children now?

    1. Our kids now range from age 34 to 22. And there were some nights when we missed having our scriptures and prayers together and other nights when it occurred only with some grumbling, especially among the older kids, but we did do our best to try. But then there were other nights when nobody seemed to want to leave the family circle and we would sit and talk and laugh together much longer than we probably should have done. Of course, the good memories are the ones that we remember the most!