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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Obstetrician or OBGYN

We had five different doctors deliver our six kids, mainly because our children were born in four different cities.   Choosing an Obstetrician or OBGYN  is a pretty serious decision, and I almost always asked relatives or friends for recommendations as to doctors.  My brother and  sister-in-law recommended us to our first OBGYN,  as he had delivered both of their children.   He was a kind, personable doctor, and guided us successfully through pregnancy.  Unfortunately another one of his patients was giving birth the exact same day that I was, and so Doctor Number 1, who was on call at the hospital that day, actually delivered DS1.   

We moved across the country before DS2 was born, and received another recommendation from church friends for the new doctor.  This was actually a group practice of three or four doctors, and I believe that we met each of the doctors at least once before our due date, so all would be familiar with our situation.   The doctor that I did see most often was not available on the day that DS2 decided to make his appearance, but all went well with his birth and delivery, as supervised by Doctor Number 2.   The original doctor, Doctor Number 3 was available the next time around and delivered DD1.  We were only in the hospital for several innings of the world series final game before she made her presence know. 

We moved again before DD2 and DD3 were born, and they were both delivered by Doctor Number 4, who happened to be the closest practicing OBGYN to where we were living.   We (along with the doctor) decided to have DD2 induced for several reasons:  I have had a history of going at least 2 weeks over my due date,  DD1 had arrived very quickly after we reached the hospital,  we only had one car, were fairly new to the area, and DH had at least a 30 minute commute  from his office to our home, and the hospital was another 20 to 30 minutes away in the opposite direction.  It was not my favorite delivery experience, but we were happy to have DD2 arrive healthy and safely.   With DD3 we made it to the hospital in plenty of time, and then discovered that the umbilical cord was positioned between her head and the birth canal, so again with our consent, Doctor Number 4 elected to perform a Cesarian Section.  As DD3 was our largest baby, this was a blessing in more than one way, in spite of the extra long recovery time, and we were grateful for Doctor Number 4's knowledge and skills. 

And of course, we had another two moves before DD4 joined our family, so again we were searching for a new doctor.   I think that this time around we called on the insurance company for recommendations, and chose the doctor with the practice closest to our home.  I was happy with this decision, and I believe that I felt more comfortable with Doctor Number 5 than with any of my previous OBGYN doctors, but unfortunately he retired a year or two after DD4's birth, so I again was searching for a new doctor!!   And have visited several different doctors in the years since then.

So, what is my general opinion of my OBGYN doctors?  The have all been fine men and good doctors, and I have been grateful for their skills and devotion to their work.  But, if you want to know the truth, it was actually the nurses who made all the difference during my labors and deliveries, and unfortunately, we never get to choose who our labor and delivery nurse is going to be!!  I know many women who choose to have a midwife assist with the delivery of their children, and if I were to do it over again, I would probably more seriously consider having a midwife over the OBGYN, but I am also very grateful that I did deliver my kids in the hospital with many skilled professionals and equipment available to care for both me and my new babies. 

How did you choose the health care professional who helped with the birth of your children?

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