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Monday, September 26, 2011


The fall sports season is now well underway and thousands are cheering on their favorite teams every weekend.  My family has our favorite MLS soccer team and our favorite college football team, and we love to attend and watch whatever games we can, even if the results may not be the win that we hoped for.  Many of my friends have daughters or granddaughters who are cheerleaders, helping all of the fans to vocally show their support for the team.

Hopefully each of us have cheerleaders in our circle of family and friends who cheer us on in our creative pursuits.  We all can use a word of encouragement now and then.  I'm grateful for my DH who supports me in whatever crazy project I decide to tackle next, my parents who have supported me in my quests throughout my life, my children, my good neighbors, my co-workers, and my blogging friends.    This past weekend I enjoyed listening to a message from a wonderful churchleader who I consider a great cheerleader not only for me, but for women everywhere.  (You can listen to his message here.)

So, who are your cheerleaders?  And, just as important, who do you cheer for?


  1. My biggest cheerleaders are my mom and my best friend Sarah. They both understand what I'm doing and what I'm going for in my life.

  2. My greatest cheerleaders are my kids, my husband, my parents, and my sister. I also have some amazing writing friends that are world class cheerleaders. I am truly blessed. I hope I'm as great a cheerleader for all of them as they are for me!