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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making Progress

Back in February I set myself a goal to write for an hour every day Monday through Saturday.  So how have I done?  Not the greatest.  Oh, I have a lot of great excuses: 
  • Daylight savings time began, and it's dark in the early morning again! 
  • My Dad had surgery and my Mom came to stay for a few days
  • I had to write my pieces for Rachel's Campaign challenge (they were both background for my current WIP, so that does count doesn't it?)
  • I need to finish organizing my files of medical bills so we can file our income taxes
  • Spring has come, and I've been planting my cool weather veggies
  • I'm trying to read as many of the Whitney Awards Finalists as I can
These are just a few that I have come up with . . . I'm sure that I could think of more, but the point is, I need to develop this writing habit!

Here's what I have accomplished since February 11th:
  • I have worked on my WIP on 13 different mornings (not quite an hour each time, but more than an hour on some days)
  • I have added 11,158 words to my WIP  (definitely not NANOWRIMO worthy efforts, I know)
  • I wrote two flash fiction pieces for Rachel's Campaign here and here.
So, it's time to regroup, recommit, and resolve to do better!  April will be the month that I keep my resolve to write for an hour every day Monday through Saturday.   Early mornings will be for writing.  Late afternoons and evenings will be for gardening or blogging or sewing or reading.  I will start right now, and report back again in May, so check back to see if I can make this 30 day habit stick!

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