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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tagged Again--11 More Random Questions

I've been tagged again by Clarike Bowman-Jahn of Clarbojahn's Blog at wordpress.com.  It took me a while to find her blog again after having been tagged, but just read her latest Campaign Challenge entry, and found her questions.  So, somewhat belatedly, here are my answers to her questions:

■1- How did you learn about the Campaign?

Last summer I started reading and following more and more of my favorite author's blogs and  found out about Rachel's Campaign.  I really don't remember whose blog it was that first led me there, but I joined the campaign last fall, and have really enjoyed the ride.

■2- How long have you been writing? 

As a child I would start to write down and outline the stories in my mind and draw all kinds of mapsof the settings of the stories, but I never have enjoyed writing long hand, so I don't remember finishing any of them.  I guess the real answer is that I first seriously started writing fiction was about 20 years ago when I had a houseful of young children and a computer. 

■3- Have you ever had writer’s block?  Yes, of course. 

■4- Did you get over it?  I'm getting there.

■5- And if so how did you get over it?  I think the best thing to do is give myself some time and try concentrating my creativity in another area for a while.  If not another writing project, then maybe even sewing, quilting, or baking.  I am rewriting/revising a manuscript that I have slowly been putting together for almost 3 years now and am trying to get back in the habit of writing for an hour or so every morning.  I have only actually worked on the manuscript one mornig this week, but I spent two mornings working on Rachel's 2nd campaign challenge.

■6- What is your favorite book?  Other than scripture (The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ  and of course, The Bible), I really don't have an all time favorite.  The last two books that I gave a 5 star rating to were Before I Say Good-Bye by Rachel Ann Nunes and Bitter Blessings by Christine Mehring.

■7- Have you done the first challenge?  Yes. If you missed it, you can read it here.   I've also now done the second challenge here.

■8- Do you write in the same genre as your favorite?  Good question.  I don't know that I have a favorite genre.  I have written for young children and I am working on a book geared towards the YA audience.  I don't read or write horror or distopia.

■9- When did you start writing?   About 20 years ago.  (see the answer to number 2)

■10- Have you been published?   Yes, I have had two stories published in the Friend magazine for children.  Snow Sweepers  and Melanie's Prayer.

■11- Tell your favorite writing story.  One morning I woke up after dreaming about sweeping snow off the driveway of our old home, and sat down and wrote the first draft of Snow Sweepers.  Once in a while a story is just there, and it's wonderful!

If you haven't been tagged yet, feel free to answer these questions.  Leave me a comment and tell me where I can read your answers!
1. What was your favorite book or book series as a child?
2. Chocolate or vanilla or caramel?
3. You are going out with friends. Would you rather dress up, or go casual?
4. You must evacuate your home and only have time to fill one backpack. What are the first three items you will put inside?
5. It’s a rainy 3-day weekend. What are your plans?
6. What was your most beloved toy as a young child?
7. What is your favorite board game or card game now?
8. You have been given the gift of a week-long trip anywhere in the world for you and your closest friends or family members. Cost is no object. Where will you choose to go?
9. What is the most interesting word you have read or learned in the past week? (yes, you may look one up now if you like.)
10. What is the most creative thing you have done in the past month?
11. What is your most unusual characteristic?

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